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If you are considering phalloplasty surgery you will want to know how to choose from among the many of phalloplasty surgeons to have your enhancement performed.

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Metoidioplasty takes advantage of the testosterone induced growth of the clitoris, and includes lengthening and straightening of the testosterone-enlarged clitoris to create a neophallus, urethral.Penile enlargement, using permanent fillers, such as the Platinum Method, can increase the erect penile length, however, it is not efficient nor effective in most patients.Although nerves were harvested from my arm to give sensation in the full phallus, that will take roughly a year to get.Penile enlargement surgery (or phalloplasty) is a procedure to enhance the size of the penis in length, width or both.

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The phallus is created with abdominal skin and subcutaneous tissue that is separated from the muscle layer, tubed and rotated to hang down from the pubic area.

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A good candidate for penis enlargement surgery is considered to be any healthy man who desires to have a longer or thicker penis.If the length of your penis causes embarrassment in the bedroom or a lack of self-confidence in the locker room, a surgical phalloplasty, or penile lengthening, may be for you.

Phalloplasty Phalloplasty is the reconstruction or reconstruction, or artificial modification of the penis using surgical methods.

Rumer is a plastic and reconstructive surgeon who offers the full range of gender reassignment surgery in the Philadelphia tri-state area.The phalloplasty is a common surgical choice for transgender and nonbinary people interested in gender confirmation surgery.During the procedure, the clitoris can be left in place or moved to the.

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Abdominal Phalloplasty is performed at the hospital and requires an overnight stay.

Implant cost is separate from the surgical fee package price.


Penis enlargement, or phalloplasty, is a surgical procedure that can permanently increase the length of the penis, usually by slightly more than an inch.

Most patients exhibit approximate doubling of girth and 50-120% increase in length as measured from top of shaft take off from abdominal wall to tip of glans.The most common complication following penis lengthening surgery is bleeding which is usually caused by excessive activity soon after the procedure.

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We are able to offer a tailor made treatment package to suit your budget.

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Before and After Pics Penis Enlargement Surgery Photos Extension Circumference. Dr. Morganstern is an accomplished physician and surgeon with over 30 years experience treating male health issues and promoting anti-aging for men.Penile enlargement (Phalloplasty) is an aesthetic surgery that increases the length and volume of the penis and addresses an underdeveloped penis which may cause complexes in men.