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He felt an enlarged thyroid and a sonogram confirmed a slight enlargement.

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Gross anatomy The thyroid extends from C5 to T1 and lies anterio.The medical term that refers to a nuclear medicine test that shows the size, shape, and position of the thyroid gland is.

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The thyroid gland is located at the base of the neck and so very much visualized.Learn the basics about causes and risk factors for thyroid problems here.A goiter is a medical term that means abnormal enlargement of the thyroid.

The most common cause of goiter worldwide is iodine deficiency in the diet.Enlarged thyroid gland with normal thyroid function tests Carol F.Simple goitre may disappear spontaneously, or may become enlarged.The findings in keeping with - Answered by a verified Doctor The findings in keeping with - Answered by a verified Doctor.

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There is a mild diffuse enlargement if the thyroid gland with mild diffuse heterogeneity.The thyroid gland sits in the lower part of the neck and produces two hormones that maintain the normal metabolic rate and body temperature.

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That just means an organ specific autoimmune problem, which can include Hashimoto...Medical Definition of Thyroid gland Thyroid gland: A gland that makes and stores hormones that help regulate the heart rate, blood pressure, body temperature, and the rate at which food is converted into energy.Definition (NCI) Enlargement of the thyroid gland usually caused by lack of iodine in the diet, hyperthyroidism, or thyroid nodules.Prognosis of Goitre thyroid enlargement A goitre is a benign disease.Ultrasound is a painless method that uses sound waves to create images of the inside of the body.

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The thyroid is a butterfly-shaped organ (or gland) that is located on the front of the neck.Goiter or thyromegaly is abnormal enlargement of the thyroid in medical terms.Sometimes you will also get the umbrella diagnosis of Autoimmune thyroid disease (AITD).The test is usually done in the ultrasound or radiology department.However, goitres may consist of many nodules (multi-nodular goitre) and solitary nodules may exist within a goitre.

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Hypothyroidism is a term that refers to a condition where you have insufficient thyroid hormone.