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The Simpsons - Principal Lang is similar to Superintedent Chalmers.

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His come from behind win, passing National champ Resweber in the closing laps, thrilled the overflow Ascot Park crowd.

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Bernie Kopell who was best known as Adam Bricker the ship

Join a harried Darrin while he watches helplessly as Samantha, Endora, and their extended family of witches and warlocks conjure up love potions, space visitors.

In one scene Dennis discovers that the people on his TV can see him.

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The band consisted of lead singer Vince Furnier (stage name Alice Cooper), Glen Buxton (lead guitar), Michael Bruce (rhythm guitar, keyboards), Dennis Dunaway (bass guitar), and Neal Smith (drums).

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Paul Kaye sprung to fame as Dennis Pennis back in the 1990s, but in recent years, his acting work has seen him take on roles in the likes of Game Of Thrones, Doctor Who, Matilda the Musical, and the returning to Dave comedy, Zapped.

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Gargamel is an evil wizard of debatable skill, who acts as the main antagonist of the Smurfs cartoon and written-fiction.This is a very tough match to call, because each movie is so different.Sometimes the villain might be revived, sometimes multiple times (especially in the case of horror villains).Alice Cooper was an American rock band formed in Phoenix, Arizona in 1964.

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One day while in a shack, Kagami Hiiragi was preparing a gallow.

He has six limbs in total, two being arms, and four being legs, which tend to make the shape of a plus sign when he stands in place.After model Cyndi Guyer, the female Fabio, explains what she looks for in a man, the Jerky Boys arrive and promptly threaten to punch Space Ghost in the mouth.

The series was set in the 12th Precinct in Greenwich Village, where a vibe of sometimes edgy, sometimes joyous but always entertaining claustrophobia ruled.

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Honestly, with no joking whatsoever, this is actually far better now than it has ever been in the past.Her life have gone under downward spiral to the point that she had to steal in.

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Before Mongul can blast Superman into oblivion with the ray blaster on his chest, Superman is zapped off of Warworld by the Cleric, who needs Superman alive for more important matters.Superman breaks out of his bonds, and defeats Mongul in combat.By Bill Adair on Friday, November 16th, 2007 at 6:32 p.m. SUMMARY: The Democrats slugged it out in a Las Vegas debate.